Abstract on Slang Names for Cannabis

Cannabis has hundreds of slang names. The list of names keeps growing with every passing generation across the globe. Scientifically, Cannabis is a flowering plant in the family of Cannabacea with several. The number of species within the genus class of plants is disputed however; three spices by the name Cannabis Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis are recognized experts in Cannabis websites Depending on which state you are a resident, or which religion you subscribe to, the products of Cannabis may be legal or otherwise.

Where the use of cannabis is illegitimate, the back streets allow uses of unofficial names and strains to refer to the same. The most commonly used name is marijuana or hashish. There are names and slangs used to refer to different products. The naming of these products can be influenced by several factors including the users, the statues of the land, how the package is done, and the region. Nigeria has different names of the same cannabis products from Sweden. The law may also use different names in defining the penal code governing the products.

All cannabis products are not of the same quality. Standards differ based on several factors including the age of maturation, method of preparation, the concentration of levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and period of product effect in your body. Based on all this, we have different names and slags for different qualities.

We have a different slang name for good and poor quality of similar or different plant species. Different usage calls for different names in different regions. The most common method of usage is the smoking of cannabis cigarettes. Depending on where you are, different slang names will connote the practice of smoking of Cannabis. The effect of smoked cannabis is different names with new strains of names developing with every generation.

The effect of say cigarette smoked cannabis by different people is very different due to age, body weight, and the amount consumed. This attracts different names that may be familiar to many or a sub-group in a region. The size of cannabis cigarette is never standard in most of the cases and there is no set quantity the can be monitored for the same effect. Depending on size, users have different effect called different slang names.        

Another way of consuming cannabis is through edibles which can come in the form of baked products such as brownie mixes, biscuits, and snacks. You will also get edibles in the form of candies, beverages, cooking oil, and a variety of delicacies such as mints and gummies to provide you with some desired recreational and/or medicinal effects. These may have similar names for commercial purposes.

Once prepared traditionally, slang names may arise based on the culture of a place. When purchasing the drug, there are different packages in terms of how weight. This too attracts different names. Other known forms of cannabis products are juice, seed oil, dried leaves, and maybe consumed as liquid, solid substance, or vapor. Different slang names are used by different communities to describe the same forms of the substances. 

We have different names of cannabis users based on age and gender. Ladies using cannabis products will have different slangs names that that of men. Cannabis may be smoked, mixed with food, or taken as a liquid. These have different slang names depending on the region you are.  

The question of what is in a name is probably most relevant when it comes to products of Cannabis.