Benefits of micro dosing magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have been known worldwide because of their own benefits and importance’s have got a substance known as psychedelic which is consumed daily. Some of the individuals who have tried consuming them have reported a lot of changes in their body. Some of the benefits of micro dosing the psychedelic substance is: 

a) Higher levels of creativity. 

The psychedelic substance in the mushrooms enhances the function of the brain making it to function more effectively since it adds some substances in the brain. It also enables faster growth of the brain where one is able to make quick and wise ideas. 

b) More energy in the body. 

It provides the body with more energy where it acts like starch in the body and one is able to do a lot of work without feeling tired and weak. It also enhances body growth at a higher rate since one is healthy working and doing exercise. 

c)It sharpens the senses. 

It helps in making the brain more active where it is able to control the whole body and also its able to respond to anything at a short time. One is able to understand something at a faster rate compared to before. 

d)Increased focus. 

It strengthens the Eyesite by making it stronger where the eyes are able to view things at a large view than before. It has substances which are like carrot hence making the eyesight stronger. One is able to view both close and far things without struggling or wearing glasses for them to strengthen your eye sight. 

e) Improved relationship skills. 

One gets the urge and simplicity where one socializes with other people at ease. One interacts with others easily and shares their experiences with them and others decide to try their luck in micro coding the mushrooms. 

To sum up, micro dosing the magic mushrooms is not bad since it has got more benefits which are very essential in Human life and nature. 

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