How Legalization Of Weed Changed Colorado Brings In The Billion Dollar Taxation Haul

When it comes to how legalization of weed changed Colorado, there are so many different ways in which change has been brought about. When there was the legalization of weed in Colorado 6 years ago, it started it by residents calling the ?green rush?. What this meant is that there was a sudden rush to grow the substance, to buy it and obviously make some money out of it.

The residents of Colorado found that there was just no way in which one could be able to beat the money that came from the legalization of weed. This is because all the people who are making good use of it and can actually be able to afford to buy it are paying taxes as should be. Due to this, it is able to benefit the residents in a number of different ways not forgetting the building of schools. When you walk around the state of Colorado, you will find that there is a huge number of dispensaries which actually beats the number of McDonald?s that are there.

In fact, the state alone has a total of 600 dispensaries of which all of them are legal. All of these dispensaries have not only been legalized but each and every one of them has been taxed. What this means is that all these are in one way or another able to contribute to the economy of the state of Colorado. There are many in Canada too, like .

More into how legalization of weed changed Colorado, you will find that the recreational weed dispensaries have actually contributed to a total of 2.9% in tax for state sales, 15% of excise tax and 15% for retail tax. All of this are still to be combined with the local taxes that have been put into effect. The money that is coming out of this has positively been put into use by different cities.

There are those cities who have made use of the money that comes out of this to do useful things like the filling of potholes, the building of schools, the building of recreational centers and so much more. According to research that was carried out it was found that the greatest beneficiaries of this money were schools. A good amount of tax has gone into the rebuilding and fixing of schools that are aging. Also, the same money has also been used when it comes to the building of new schools so that it could be able to not only benefit the residents there but the kids as well.

Also, another amount has gone into the funding of prevention programs of substance abuse which has mainly been focused on kids.