Marketing Cannabis Online

There has been growing public debate on whether cannabis businesses should receive any airtime on mainstream media. While this debate rages on, marketing cannabis online is possible and highly encouraged. So, just why the marketing of cannabis online should be encouraged?

Very few people have been able to fully understand the medicinal advantage of cannabis  to our society.

History of cannabis medical use

Cannabis grows greatly in most regions of the world and was originally used for fiber and rope production. With time and medical advancements, by around 1850 cannabis was listed in British pharmacopeia as a sedative and for anticonvulsant effects. Later in 1932 cannabis was removed from the listings because of the diverse aspects of plant preparations, unpredictable doses, and short shelf-life, along with the challenges of newer, more targeted, effective pure drugs administered at known and well calculated doses.

There has been a growing push to revive cannabis for medicinal use because of factors such as, less relief in the current approaches to patients suffering chronic illnesses such as cancer.

Dose and its delivery though different methods

Cannabis is consumed by various methods. Smoking is the commonly known method. Oral consumption and vaporization are methods also used. Cannabis products can be consumed by sublingual means, ingesting edibles, or rectal administration, via transdermal delivery, eye drops and aerosols. Very few studies have documented their pharmacokinetics however.

When it comes to inhalation by smoking or vaporization, maximum levels of THC are released into the blood system within minutes. In this case there is peaking at 15-30 minutes, and decreases within 2-3 hours. This happens even with a fixed amount of THC in cannabis cigarette

THC pharmacokinetics and effects are different depending the function of the weight of a cannabis cigarette, how it has been prepared, the concentration levels of other cannabinoids, the speed at which it is inhaled.

A detailed comparison of smoke generated by lighting cannabis and tobacco cigarettes came up with marked qualitative similarities in specific compounds such as ammonia and carbon monoxide.

The was a  presence, of known carcinogens and other chemicals known to cause respiratory diseases in both mainstream and side stream smoke of cannabis cigarettes. This is an important consideration when investigating the safety and risks associated with cannabis smoking.

Lower temperature vaporization of cannabis has been known to be safer than smoking. This is because it delivers fewer molecular weight components, than smoked cannabis.


Despite all this, there have been unresolved, critical questions in the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes such as

Is cannabis a safe and effective medicine?

With people of all ages?

For long periods medicinal use?

For medical conditions characterized by cognitive impairment?

Before addressing these central questions, it is essential to discuss its chemistry in online platforms.

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