Legalizing of marijuana has been a controversial topic in today’s world and attention has been drawn to it way too much. Some of the states have taken initiatives to legalize the drug considering they see no negative impact brought about when a victim is under the use of marijuana or the general population. Below are some of the benefits or marijuana which give us enough reasons why it should be legalized in any state(s).

The industry of marijuana has statistics showing that it has the potential to reach the worth of $2.5 billion in the next two-three years (U.S). This will be significant to the economy since tax is charged at every sale made. Moreover, the revenue earned from the marijuana industry can be used I development of the country. Come to think of it, who will work in these industries? Is it not the same citizen of the country or members of the state? The industries will create job opportunity which will help the citizens or members of the states or country to seek employment. This will help improve their living standards which also in one way or the other aid in improving of the country’s economy.

The United States has categorized the best kind of delivery based on the use i.e. medical and recreational. Apart from been a source of cannabinoids chemicals which contributes to a person been high due to combination with the cannabinoid receptors in our brain, it has a well-known component called tetrahydrocannabinol which has a medical potential of reducing pain and multiple sclerosis-related nausea. With possession of such kind of information we have enough reason to convince someone to legalize the drug and not forgetting to appreciate countries which have done so already. This has been of help to very many patient suffering from cancer. Marijuana is also used for other alleviates in medical ailments. Furthermore, weed has been proven to be more safe than other legalized drugs like alcohol cigarettes, anabolic steroids etc. Both in the past and recently, no statistics has shown accounts of death from overdose of marijuana. However, over and over again, victims have died from huge consumption of alcohol and cigarettes due to liver cirrhosis and other respiratory related diseases like throat cancer.

Last but not least, currently many governments have tightened the rules regarding the use of hard drugs and on the frontline is marijuana. Individuals who have been found in possession of marijuana are likely to face a jail term of not less than 5-10 years compared to other crimes like theft which have shorter jail term. What makes the matters worst is that possession of weed is been drawn much attention in terms of law. Therefore, in order to free up the law enforcement, there is need to legalize marijuana in order to focus on other type of cases.

In conclusion, the benefits are universal, for individuals and groups buy weeds online, so what could tie us up from not passing a decree of legalizing marijuana? We have enough reasons to enforce the new law-legalize marijuana- since the pros overweighs the con.