Risk Factors Of Driving While Under The Influence Of Cannabis

Owing to the legalization of cannabis in many states, the use of the plant has skyrocketed all over the world. This has in turn led to abuse of the plant, through its use in places that are not supposed to, which has consequently led to people being incarcerated or suffer other punishments. Although cannabis has very great health benefits, it also attracts very serious safety concerns, especially when used during driving. It is illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis in many states, and as such, you need to avoid it at all. This article will outline the risk factors you put yourself in, when you drive while under the influence of cannabis.

High risk of causing accidents

It is worth noting from the onset that cannabis has two compounds namely THC and CBD, according to West Coast Botanics. The THC compound of cannabis is responsible for the feel high factor, while the CBD compound is responsible for the health benefits of the plant. Whenever you consume cannabis, therefore, the THC compound in cannabis stimulates your brain, thus impairing your judgment, body coordination, as well as reaction time. This is very dangerous when driving, as a simple mistake on your part could lead to accidents and deaths. That is why you are advised not to drive while under the influence of cannabis, as your chances of causing grievous accidents are very high.

You risk being arrested

In almost every state in the country, driving while under the influence of cannabis is illegal. Whenever you are caught on the act, therefore, you risk being arrested and arraigned in a court of law. Some of the punishments that you could suffer from this charge are being incarcerated, losing your driver’s license or you could be asked to pay a certain amount of fines. Although these punishments can seem to be a walk in the park, they can ruin your career forever. That is why you should never drive while under the influence of cannabis or any other drug, so as not to find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Your life is at stake

When it comes to your life and health, you should at all times ensure that you protect them at all costs. This is because once you die or get paralyzed; you can never get a spare life or health. Whenever you drive while under the influence of cannabis, chances are that you cannot be able to make informed decisions. This in turn places you at a high risk of causing accidents, in which you could die. Your life is one of the most sacred things that you ought to protect at all costs. That is why you should never even think of driving while under the influence.

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