Frequently Asked Questions On CBD Oils And Medical Properties

The name cannabis sativa raises many questions whenever mentioned. This is not shocking since over time Cannabis and its products have been assessed negatively. The judgment has been very harsh and largely untrue. This is very possible because a lot of misleading information regarding marijuana dispensary where you can buy weed online has been published by a group of individuals who have identified themselves as anti-cannabis societies.

Truth is, CBD oil a product of industrial hemp has great medicinal benefits. It has impacted greatly in doctors endeavor to tackle illnesses such as cancer, anxiety and diabetes. CBD oils also act as a pain relief drug effectively.

There are numerous questions that people have when it comes to the use of CBD oils.

  1. Is CBD oil compatible with other medicine?

This is largely a concerning question. Normally, using CBD with other medicine is safe. However there are legitimate concerns that CBD does not interact well with CYP450. There is sufficient proof that CBD deactivates CYP450. This makes the consumption of CBD oils with medicinal prescriptions such as anxiolytics dangerous.

  1. Why is CBD oil nauseating?

There are times after consuming CBD oil, one feels nausea. This usually occurs when it is consumed orally or through inhalation. The reason experts have been giving is that the individual consumer is reacting independently ton the carrier oil in the CBD package. CBD oil is sometimes packaged with coconut oil and some people are sensitive towards it. There are also people who are sensitive to other strains of carrier oils. It is however important to note that not all people have this nauseating effect. The quality of the product from individual manufacturers also might influence greatly the nauseating effect.

  1. How fast should the effect of CBD oil be felt?

This largely depends on the concentration and the dosage used. If the concentration is low, the effect might take long before it felt and once felt it does not take long. The vice versa is true for higher concentration. There are unproven suggestions that the method of consumption also affects how fast CBD oil takes effect.  People who use CBD oil through inhalation suggest that the effect is faster than through application to the skin. The other factor is the frequency of use. People who use CBD oils frequently tend to feel the effect faster than first timers or people who don’t use CBD oils frequently.

  1. In the case of a drug test will I test positive?

This depends on how one uses CBD oils. People who use CBD oils as a full spectrum have said they tested positive in the case of a drug test. People who use the isolate CBD oils have said that they never test negative. This is very important information to have especially if you don’t want to risk testing negative.

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