Methods Of Eating Cannabis

There are many ways of consuming cannabis just as there are so many strains. Because of the many options available, it is not easy to tell which the best way is. New ways are still popping up every day. The oldest ways of consumption is smoking but slowly other methods have been introduced. Big companies like Green Society offer marijuana in all sorts of different forms. The best way of consuming it depends on preferences, price, strength, convenience etc.


The dried flower can be smoked in a pipe, bong or a joint. The effect is felt very fast like within 30 minutes and diminishes in 1-3 hours. However, the smoke from the papers contains carcinogenic compounds. This method is not advisable for users with lung problems or low immune system.


Smokeless efficient formĀ are forced to form vapours. Vaping is discreet because it has less odor and larger vaporizers burning plant material are the cleanest and healthiest way to use cannabis.


This has been done since 1960s in the U.S. the edibles can be in form of sodas, chocolate, snacks ice cream etc. the cannabinoids get into the cells through the liver, which converts THC into other chemicals like 11-hydroxy-THC. The onset depends on metabolism or whether it was taken on an empty stomach. Effect is not immediate so one has to limit the use to avoid getting overwhelmed. For a different edible experience, try Shroom Hub mushrooms.


They were the standard American medicine in late 1800- early 1900. Are absorbed sublingually and go to the blood stream directly. They are often formulated with alcohol. It has no odor and some formulas contain less available cannabinoids like CBN and THC.


Can be in form of enriched lotions, salves, balms and other preparations. They are absorbed through the skin. They are used for localized pain and inflammation. They can also treat fractures, arthritis, skin conditions, migraines and cramping. However, they may contain parabens and other skin irritants.


It is known to treat cancer. It is advisable to use it under doctor’s instruction. It was introduced by Rick Simpson when he treated his own cancer. Other patients and companies have expanded his formulation, with CBD and THC.


A small amount of marijuana concentrates are heated on titanium?s head with a blowtorch causing combustion. The effect is the highest compared to other forms. A small amount of cannabis should not be undermined. The fast use of a high dose of THC can result in nausea, anxiety and passing out.

The concentrated smoke can release carcinogens at more than 365 degrees. However, it should be taken slowly because of high THC content which results in tolerance to the user and then other forms of ingestion are not felt any more. It is good for seriously ill patients to get relief.